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Marble Blend

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COOLGRIPS with AIRPOP Technology brings the first Magnetic Phone Grip, a universal phone holder and mount. With Cool Grips twist and lock system, a small twist and your COOLGRIP pops into action. With a small push and twist your COOLGRIP closes and becomes a secure way to mount your mobile device. No more worrying about unexpected openings when you use your car mount or placing in your rear pocket. You can now mount your phone to any metal or magnetic surface with Cool Grips Magnetic Grips. Mount your phone to your refrigerator, car, boat or RV. Included is a metal mounting plate where you can place in your desired location. We use UV printing with a protective coating to prevent fading or scratching. We use mounting pads that may be used multiple times.

Included in package: 
1) Magnet Cool Grip
2) Metal Mounting Plate
Color: Marble Blend

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